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He fidgets and fidgets and fidgets until-- The shop bell rings. Donghyuck jerks up and promptly forgets how to breathe. He cringes at the touch. Minhyung stills, eyes meeting Donghyuck with hesitation. I just saw a picture of you in an article. His eyes are unreadable. Donghyuck nods, teeth catching on his lips. The latter startles at the sudden decrease of distance, but he stays still, eyes wide as Donghyuck halts to a stop.

Donghyuck swallows the lump in his throat and smiles. Mark clears his throat.

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Say, do you happen to have any makeup wipes? Swearing under his breath, he all but drop kicks the pile into his room, before snatching his pack of makeup wipes from the top of his drawers.

By the time he makes his way back to the living room, Mark has settled on the couch, emoji pillow tucked under one arm. He raises an eyebrow at Donghyuck, who simply huffs. Mark laughs and takes the wipes. Donghyuck bites back the words. When he returns with a filled mug and a calmer heart, Mark had taken to his face with the makeup wipes.

Donghyuck sets down the mug on the coffee table, breathe hitching. Donghyuck had never realized how fascinating watching someone take off makeup could be.

Mark startles, then sucks in a breathe, hand dropping down his lap as Donghyuck cradles his face. To his relief, Mark stills, letting Donghyuck sweep the cloth gently across his skin.

They work in silence. His eyes are unreadable, but softened by the lack of eyeliner. Donghyuck points to the kitchen. He spares a glance to the corner, where Jisung is effectively hustling through his shift by napping with earbuds in. So we can, uh, text instead?

After all, Mark is Mark and Donghyuck is well… just Donghyuck. Donghyuck schools his face into a somber expression. Still, his eyes are filled with mirth as he straightens up and tosses a glance at the clock.

Donghyuck all but collapses on the counter when the door closes. And go wipe down the tables before Taeyong gets back. Taeyong lets out a long-suffering sigh, exiting with a call for Yeri to restock the display case. His lips curl into a smile when Mark laughs, the sound static through the receiver. Yes it is, you suck at lying. Now pass over the phone and introduce us. Donghyuck smiles and bites at his cheek, holding back a laugh.

Donghyuck flits around in his daily routine, though he finds his eyes wandering to his phone between the odd hours, always searching for a certain notification. Full offense but you sound absolutely ancient. For a second, he indulges himself in pride. Below the frosting lies a bed of chocolate cake, each embedded with a jam center.

When Donghyuck jerks away, he lets out a cackle and falls back onto the stool with a smirk. Donghyuck all but shoves a cupcake into his mouth. Donghyuck startles from his position on the couch, eyes blinking blearily as he picks up. He reaches for the TV remote and lowers the volume to a mum, concern rising in place.

Donghyuck stops, just short of slipping on his shoes, and thinks about how Mark must be right now, slumped in a corner of a dark practice room.

The pain in his chest sharpens. Donghyuck gives up on sitting still, fumbling with the phone in his hand as he paces. When he finally hears a knock, Donghyuck all but sprints for the door. The boy stares back at him with glassy eyes. Slowly, he nods and lets Donghyuck tug him into the kitchen. Mark watches, curious, as Donghyuck puts around the kitchen, placing a pan onto the stove and cranking up the burner. While the stove heats, he slides over the fridge and loads his arms with containers, sending a silent thanks to Taeyong for the dishes he sent his way.

Soon enough, the apartment fills with a savoury scent, hints of ginger and garlic rising from the bubbling stew. Donghyuck busies himself with whisking up an omelette, turning his back every now and then just to make sure Mark was still there.

He gulps, looking up at Donghyuck.

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They eat in silence. We practiced and practiced, and each time I just kept missing a step. Anyways, the first time he taught me how to bake a cake, I cracked the eggs so hard there were probably shells in the batter. And when the cake finally finished baking, I cried so much that Taeyong started crying as well. They were perfect when my mom made them, and perfect when Taeyong made them, so imagine my surprise when the whole thing turns out to be lumpy and dry mess.

I was horrified, to say the least. The first batches of a new recipe are almost always throw-aways, and sometimes, even the fifth or sixth batch is a failure. What the customers see are the best versions, the ones that are meticulously frosted and garnished. Donghyuck can taste the lingering hint of garlic between the press of their lips, but he still leans in, still pushes forward, still drops his weight onto Mark and lets the boy hold him close.

Mark is the first to pull away, cheeks flushed and eyes wide. Donghyuck revels in the irony. They sit in silence, until Donghyuck caves. Donghyuck wants to swallow down the lump that rises in his throat. There are questions on his tongue begging to be asked, but he keeps his mouth shut, letting the sound of running water fill the silence. The thing about routines is that when one ceases, another rises to take its place. On the TV, on the subway, on bottle of lotion that he takes to the checkout line with poorly concealed mirth.

We were discussing you and loverboy. I saw him on TV just this morning. Bok-ju insists that he should show her if he has nothing to hide, while Joon-hyung hollers that she should trust him. Her bluff works, and Bok-ju snatches his phone. Joon-hyung chases her around the restaurant as she tries to pull up his call history, squawking about privacy, and Bok-ju gets fed up and leaves. Joon-hyung follows her out, but Bok-ju is in a righteous fury, though she admits that she hates feeling jealous and petty.

She yells that she feels stupid for being so excited to see him, and storms off. She walks home, grumbling the whole way. She stops short when she gets inside the restaurant, and sees her dad wiping tables with a mask on, while Dae-ho inexplicably fiddles with the fire extinguisher.

Way to look completely weird, guys. Go sits in her office gloomily staring at her phone, obviously disappointed when a knock on the door is just her nurse.

He smiles while Dr. Go stuffs her face, and she fibs that she got interrupted while eating earlier. He takes out his phone and starts talking about other restaurants in the area they can go to, and Dr. Go suddenly jumps up and leaves. She says she came all this way to get over him, but now she finds herself waiting for him every night like before.

Jae-yi reaches out and hugs her, surprising Dr. He says that Seoul is lonely without her, and asks her not to tell him not to come. Go smiles at him and he opens his arms, and this time she steps into his hug. Bok-ju spends the evening with Seon-ok and Nan-hee, and kicks her phone grumpily when Joon-hyung calls.

They sit down inside, where Dad asks what Joon-hyung did to upset Bok-ju. But he explains that they raised him with a lot of love so he grew up well, and Dad scoffs at him saying that about himself.

Dad says she gets it from him, and Joon-hyung enthusiastically agrees. Recognizing that this young man truly loves his daughter, Dad warms to him just a little and smiles.

But Bok-ju doubles back for something she forgot, and sees the closed sign back up at the restaurant. Bok-ju promises to win the gold medal for him, as long as he comes through his surgery okay. Dae-ho tells her how Joon-hyung helped them stall her yesterday, and Bok-ju realizes that Joon-hyung was acting so strange because he was helping her father.

She waits for him outside the swimming pavilion, and throws her arms in the air in supplication when she sees him and HA, he jumps like she was going to hit him.

Joon-hyung takes Bok-ju back to Taereung, and pouts that it seems extra close today when he wanted to spend more time with her. He tells her to just focus on training and bring home the gold medal. They play the You go first, no you go first game, and Joon-hyung keeps sending Bok-ju on but refusing to let go of her.

So cute, these two. Bok-ju follows through on her promise to focus on training, while Joon-hyung cheers her on by making Jenga towers of her favorite sausages and sending her pictures. He texts tips on taking care of her back and sends updates on her dad, and makes a wish in their toad fountain for her success. She gives herself a silent pep talk, telling herself that she has many people at home loving her and cheering her on.

Her old Haneul weightlifting team is also gathered to watch as Bok-ju steps up to the barbell. She lifts the weight above her head and holds it, grimacing as she struggles not to move, and the bell rings and she drops it to the floor. Her teammates all jump up screaming, and Joon-hyung and Dae-ho bounce in their seats, as Bok-ju raises her arms in triumph.

Behind them, Dad opens his eyes and smiles a tiny, proud smile. The airport is packed with reporters when the team arrives back in Korea, but Bok-ju scans the crowd for one particular face. Joon-hyung walks with one of his Taereung sunbaes, both wearing their national team jackets with pride.