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I welcome commentary and critism, as well as builds that people boost to everybody in your party, and your Commanding Presence, you don't have to roll to grant said attack after the trigger is met. You are the Leader, after all; in the words of TML20, "You are God; let the mortals have their victory. Despite our best efforts to continue meeting, the time finally came when our . Both M's barbarian and the guards are perplexed; the barbarian because he . a new mortal plaything, with a will of iron and a backbone of steel. Summer Movie Body Count: 'Conan the Barbarian' and 'Fright Night' then, take all the newly-freed and conveniently topless slave ladies to a party. in a full-on Mortal Kombat meets Hot Topic motif) invade the monastery and After their meet cute, Conan treats Tamara like a lady and whispers sweet.

Instead, he sent the would-be assassin back to his paymasters in Constantinople, accompanied by note setting out in humiliating detail the discovery of the Roman scheme—and a demand for further tribute. Attila remained a threat to both the Western and the Eastern Empires, nonetheless. His armies reached as far south as Constantinople in ; between and he invaded France and Italy.

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Oddly, but arguably creditably, the latter two campaigns were fought—so the Hun king claimed—to satisfy the honor of a Roman princess. Honoria, sister of the Western emperor, Valentinian IIIhad been sadly disappointed with the husband that her brother had selected for her and sent her engagement ring to Attila with a request for aid. Priscus, again, makes the point most clearly, relating that when Attila greeted the Roman ambassadors with a banquet, tables, large enough for three or four, or even more, to sit at, were placed next to the table of Attila, so that each could take of the food on the dishes without leaving his seat.

The attendant of Attila entered first with a dish full of meat, and behind him came the other attendants with bread and viands, which they laid on the tables. A luxurious meal, served on silver plate, had been made ready for us and the barbarian guests, but Attila ate nothing but meat on a wooden trencher. In everything else, too, he showed himself temperate; his cup was of wood, while to the guests were given goblets of gold and silver.

His dress, too, was quite simple, affecting only to be clean. The sword he carried at his side, the latchets of his Scythian shoes, the bridle of his horse were not adorned, like those of the other Scythians, with gold or gems or anything costly.

So lived Attila, king of the Huns—and so he died, inage probably about 50 and still refusing to yield to the temptations of luxury. His spectacular demise, on one of his many wedding nights, is memorably described by Gibbon: Before the king of the Huns evacuated Italy, he threatened to return more dreadful, and more implacable, if his bride, the princess Honoria, were not delivered to his ambassadors….

Yet, in the mean while Attila relieved his tender anxiety, by adding a beautiful maid, whose name was Ildico, to the list of his innumerable wives. Their marriage was celebrated with barbaric pomp and festivity, at his wooden palace beyond the Danube; and the monarch, oppressed with wine and sleep, retired, at a late hour, from the banquet to the nuptial bed.

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His attendants continued to respect his pleasures, or his repose, the greatest part of the ensuing day, till the unusual silence alarmed their fears and suspicions; and, after attempting to awaken Attila by loud and repeated cries, they at length broke into the royal apartment. They found the trembling bride sitting by the bedside, hiding her face with her veil….

The king…had expired during the night. An artery had suddenly burst; and as Attila lay in a supine posture, he was suffocated by a torrent of blood, which instead of finding a passage through his nostrils, regurgitated into the lungs and stomach. The king, in short, had drowned in his own gore.

Gibbon puts it best: Not with the tears of women, but with the blood of warriors. The Fall of the West: The Death of the Roman Superpower. The End of Empire: His pregnant wife manages to stab an enemy, but not before he gets in one slice at her. When she demands that she see her baby before she dies, Corin, being an ever-so-doting husband performs a god awful, but surprisingly quick C-section One cut into her side and, voila, baby!

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Keep a raw egg in your mouth while you fight and whoever still has their egg in tact at the end wins. Remember in high school when you had to carry an egg around in a shoebox and if it broke it meant you were an unfit pretend teen parent? Anyway, on said mission, Conan goes rogue and runs into a band of enemy warriors who roar like lions not figuratively.

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In all, there are 18 human deaths by way of swords and arrows and one horse death when a totally jerky enemy stabs one. After the bloodbath, Khalar captures Corin and ties him up in a fashion so that if he moves a cauldron of hot, bubbling liquid fire will melt his face off and not in the awesome way. Just to spite his face. When they roll through Zingaron they take the lives of 8 masters by way of sword impaling and then, take all the newly-freed and conveniently topless slave ladies to a party.

There, in the midst of mead-swilling and arm wrestling, Conan crosses paths with his nose-less foe, who arrests him. In prison, Conan takes care of 11 guards through hand-to-hand combat and even more slashings and forces his nose-less enemy after torturing him for information by sticking his hand in the hole where the nose should be to swallow the key which would unlock all the prisoners and slaves.

They, in turn, rip him to shreds. Tamara makes an escape and en route to freedom comes across Conan, who makes it juuust in time as the baddies are hot on her tail. Only, Khalar fights dirty and sends forth an army of sand monsters.

Conan makes 11 of the sand zombies evaporate, while Tamara kills two all by herself. By nothing short of wonderful coincidence, Ukafa has an escape pirate ship ready and waiting for them when that battle ends.