Disneyland where to meet characters at disney

Disney Characters at Disneyland Paris & Where To Find Them

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

Meet Disney Characters while you dine! Enchanted Garden Restaurant inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel features a cast of your favorite Disney. Meet the Disney Characters at Tokyo Disneyland / Tokyo Disney Resort Website. Some Disney characters are more fun to meet than others. Here are the best ones and where you can find them in the park.

Just let them lead. Disney trains the characters to handle any type of situation and that includes your shyness. They will quickly understand you just want a picture and want to move on. My bet is they are perfectly happy with that since they probably have a quota to get through. With that being said, let them help you have fun.

Feed off of what they are saying and ignore everyone around you. It may only be 60 seconds, but those are your 60 seconds you probably waited a crazy amount of time for.

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

Well with any spectrum there are opposite ends of the chart. I encourage you to see as many as you can. Especially if you are someone who visits the parks often, try to see someone different every time.

Meeting Every Character at Disneyland (ft. StephanieStyles)

If you really feel super awkward then you should probably know about a few characters. Gaston is a talker and not just a click and go type meet and greet.

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

Of course you always have the option of just flashing your muscles and moving on but he is going to try to get your to talk, push up, strut… something. Do not let that deter you but I just wanted to warm you.

There is only one meet-and-greet that I find awkward. Picture the regular Mickey Mouse but in here, his eyes move and he responds. I have noticed people interact with him in an awkward manner. He is responding to your questions but only with stock answers, so unless you ask the exact right question, you will get a kind of relevant answer or a blank stare. Outside, set lengths depend on the heat index, per employee contracts and OSHA regulations. Most outside sets last about 45 minutes. You can check out the backstage area—but you probably won't want to.

It looks kind of like that. Disneyland has no such tunnels. Cast member-only spaces include dressing rooms, hallways, a cafeteria, and break rooms with televisions. Again, these areas are fairly boring by cast accounts. I've been wearing Piglet's legs and feet and had to tell the Blue Fairy where to go when seen [by guests], I've even been in almost full costume I was carrying Minnie's head by the chin when guests have stopped to look at me.

Performers have to reaudition at least once a year. The union contract governing the employment of Walt Disney World character performers mentions explicitly that character performers must attend at least one audition each year to certify they're still suited for their roles.

Face characters make more than fur characters. Making children smile is the best part of the job. Current and former character performers also often cite experiences with Make-A-Wish participants and other ill or disabled children as some of their most meaningful interactions.

Well, a good touring plan can certainly help. Many of our touring plans do include character greeting time in their programs. Is there some way to find out in advance of my vacation what time the scheduled character greetings will happen? Bear in mind that this is not an official Disney source and that the information is subject to change, but generally it is quite accurate. This site does not track spontaneous character greeting appearances. Thumper was an unadvertised random character appearance.

Will my child be afraid of the characters? Most kids are unfazed by meeting Mickey and the gang, while others are reduced to a quivering ball of tears any time they get within 10 feet of a giant mouse. If you have some concern that your child might exhibit character fear behaviors, try finding a costumed character in your hometown perhaps at a birthday party or Chuck E. Cheese type venue to practice with. I know my child is afraid of the characters. Should I cancel my trip?

At no point will a character pop out of nowhere to surprise your child.

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

The characters tend to stay in a fixed location and are visible from quite a distance. Is there anything I can do if my child is afraid of the characters? Like I said, if you know you have a fearful child, you can simply stay away from the characters. If you want to push the envelope a little, try taking baby steps toward character interaction. Perhaps ask the child to wave at the character from a distance, or stick with the somewhat less intimidating face characters rather than fur characters.

You will see lots of kids in the parks toting around autograph books. When the kids meet characters, they hand them the autograph book and the character signs it.

If you and your kids are content to skip this part of the process, then by all means do so. One bit of advice … if you do end up collecting character autographs, but sure to write your name and contact information in the front of the book.

This will greatly facilitate the return process if you accidentally lose the book. Sometimes an action shot makes a better character photo than just a static pose.

Where to meet the Disney Characters at Disneyland Paris

Do I need a special pen to get an autograph from a character? The characters are often wearing bulky gloves which make gripping a delicate writing tool a bit of a challenge. It can be helpful if you provide them with a somewhat chunky pen, maybe something along the lines of the basic elementary school Crayola marker.

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

The characters will make do with whatever you have on hand — regular pen, pencil, crayon, — it all works. Some characters, notably Buzz Lightyear, will mark your autograph book with a special stamp rather than a signature. Not surprisingly, Lightning and Mater are in the non-autograph-signers club. How much do autograph books cost? Where can I buy them? There are several styles of Disney autograph books for sale in the parks and resorts.

Several versions of Disney autograph books are also sold on DisneyStore. That being said, there is absolutely no requirement that you use a Disney branded autograph book when you get signatures. Do I have to get autographs in an autograph book? The characters will sign almost anything. You should know that characters will not sign any clothing while you are wearing it.

Nor will they sign any part of a human body. If you will be asking characters to sign something non-traditional, be sure to give them a mechanism so they can do this easily.

For example, if you want a character to sign a tee shirt, bring a clipboard or piece of sturdy cardboard to provide a backing surface for them to lean on.

How to Meet the Characters at Disney World

Coordinating, non-patterned outfits can make for a better family photo. Well, even Mickey needs a potty break from time to time. Look for semi-official looking people with blue shirts and walkie-talkies or headsets. Be aware that characters appearing outdoors on hot days will take much more frequent breaks than those hanging out in air-conditioned digs.

disneyland where to meet characters at disney

Are there PhotoPass photographers at the character greeting stations? Some, but by no means all, character greetings have a nearby PhotoPass photographer to capture your memories.

They are totally used to doing this and are happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Meeting Characters at Disney World

Do you have any tips for getting a good photo with a character? Touring Plans contributor and all around photo god Tom Bricker has some great tips for getting better family photos in the Disney parks. Watch the position of the sun. Perhaps you can ask the character to pivot a bit for less glare. Or maybe save character photography or any human photography for times other than mid-day. Your flash will wash out your subject.


Figure out your camera settings and learn how to take a decent indoor picture without using the flash. It matters what you wear. Take a quick glance at the background of your shot. Is there a tree behind little Katie that makes her look like she has horns? Can this be fixed quickly to make your overall photo more attractive? Photo opportunities with several unrelated characters are rare, take advantage of this if you find an opening to do so.

Can I take more than one photo with a character? Sure, but try to be as efficient as possible. However, there are some particular favorites that require the group pose plus an individual shot of just one of the girls with the character.

Or imagine any other of a thousand unpleasant scenarios that might occur if characters held children.