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honda s2000 meet uk singles

CAR magazine UK's long-term test review of the road-legal Ginetta G40 GRDC racing car. Posted in: Meets & Events by Ian Eygelsheim - Chairman | Comments (0) for another awesome Silverstone classic, for the 20th anniversary of the Honda S! Accommodation: £ double B&B / £68 single B&B. With a bulletproof engine that revs to rpm, the Honda S is one of the As an alternative to UK cars, check out grey-import Ss. They tend to be in.

If you knew what you were doing, then the S was hugely rewarding but it was always a hard car to master; it would often teach an unwelcome lesson the first time you approached the redline with anything other than dead-ahead dialled into the steering.

honda s2000 meet uk singles

But is a spikey performance and nervous chassis really how we should label the S? We flew out to Spain to test the last limited Edition car, built in and featuring revised suspension, to see if the S recipe finally came good. What was so different about the S?

The high X-bone frame.

honda s2000 meet uk singles

This steel monocoque chassis and body structure gave the S levels of rigidity previously unheard of in open-top cars. It produces bhp from a 2. The sweet spot is unquestionably in the range, and the gorgeous six-speed box makes keeping the engine revved up an easy task, snicking around the gate with an easy, metallic charm. And what about inside? The seating position is the first clue that this car takes its sporting credentials rather seriously.

The first thing you notice staring you in the face is the huge digital rev counter.

honda s2000 meet uk singles

This is the next clue to the nature of this machine; all other dials are secondary. The alloy gearknob is perfectly placed under your left palm on top of the high central transmission tunnel, which juts into the cabin and limits space for larger drivers. The red seats and carpet, which had become something of a fast Honda trademark by the late s, heighten the sense of occasion.

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And can you go some in an S? But how would it feel almost a decade on? As the revs flew and I reached for the tiny stubby, steel-topped gear lever to shift through the ratios, I was reminded of the slickness of that short-throw change.

It feels unburstable as the perforated steel accelerator is floored. Brakes are servoed but the pedal still needs reasonable pressure to slow the progress before a tight bend approaches. The ride is surprisingly compliant over the smooth tarmac but the odd undulation or bump tends to kick the tail out in a somewhat awkward fashion.

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A twitch of the wheel and close ratio steering rack fetches it back into line. Acceleration was considered pretty impressive back around the turn of the century — mph in 6. But with the hood down, wind in your hair and the background sound from bhp working hard, statistics are irrelevant and emotions are everything. It still corners tidily with an almost complete absence of roll and you remember to balance the steering with the throttle.

More care is needed in the wet, though.

honda s2000 meet uk singles

No electronic safety nets other than traction control and ABS. As an everyday car the S is unusually practical as two-seaters go. And the cabin is snug and comfortable with efficient air con and a deep locker situated high up between driver and passenger. It even has a quality sound system and cd player. All of which is probably why so many buyers are hunting for good used versions right now, and the prices are on the increase.