Ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

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ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

PA YMCA State Swimming Championship McCoy Natatorium Pennsylvania State University. Updated February 2, at AM ; Posted February 2, at AM team while others trained with their USA Swimming or YMCA club during the winter. The policies vary from state to state, county to county and even school district "I think for percent of athletes in swimming, club and high school need. The Sarasota Sharks swim team will host the Pan-American Masters from the swim lanes, and a state-of-the-art lightning detection system, as well as an hang out after practice, meet each other for drinks and movies.

Swimming is mainly an individual sport, with the exception of relays. They just put all the individual's points together from a school and make that team points.

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You swim to make your times better, and if the movie had times in it, then it would have been more authentic. I did not live in the 's, so I don't know if girls swam against guys, but from my experience with swimming I found the idea that Willie the black girl swimmer beating all the guys in butterfly is unrealistic. The idea of a girl beating guys is not totally far-fetched.

ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

Hey I know girls that are faster than me in certain events But in the movie the last meet is supposed to be a state meet or a national meet or something like that, so the guys there are really fast and no girl, even if she is the fastest girl, can beat the fastest guys.

One part that was completely stupid, was in the 1st meet between Main Line and PDR when the white guy swimmer, kicked Hakim in the face during the 50 yard freestyle. Do you have any idea how difficult that would be?

ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

Go and try it. Get in a pool with lanes and tell your buddy to swim in the lane next to you and try and kick him after you do a flip turn. First off, to be able to reach the person next to you, both of you would have to swimming really close to the lane line, and most swimmers, when they are racing swim in the middle to avoid running into the lane lines. The part that makes it really hard is the fact that they did it after a flip turn.

For those of you who aren't swimmers that's when you swim into the wall do a somersault, push off the wall, and go back the other way After a flip turn you are somewhat disoriented and I don't think you would be able to reach over and kick the guy swimming next to you.

In the fall of Alexandra decided to start coaching swim team because of the love of the sport. Since then she has moved up in the association and in early she was promoted to the Assistant Aquatics Director. Outside of work, Alexandra enjoys fishing, and playing with her many animals at home.

ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

She has already accomplished this and has gone back several times now. He then started swimming in high school and swam for all 4 years, his events were the IM and the breaststroke.

ymca state swimming meet 2013 movies

He loved swimming so much he became a lifeguard and started teach swim lessons at Northwest. He then came to YMCA and taught lessons here before coaching. Something on his bucket list is to visit all seven continents. Prior to coaching at the Y, Will coached the last four summers at Northwest Swim Club which he was working with younger swimmers.

Will swam and played Water Polo at Upper Arlington High School, where he was the captain of the swim team his senior year. In his free time, Will likes to watch and play sports, go to the movies and hang out with friends.

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Will is very excited to be here with the Hilliard Hurricanes. Stroke development came later when she attended Duke University from the swim coach at the time. Over time she switched to swimming and ultimately fell in love with the sport and teaching it. Then, once she moved to Columbus she continued teaching to all ages including special needs at Metro in Dublin.

Buckeye Swim Team was just starting out.