How did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

how did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's brief romance was so chaotic a baby with Shar Jackson — it was dramatic and continued that way The Louisiana-raised “ Toxic” singer first briefly met Kevin, from .. Her time with Charlie Ebersol seemed relatively drama-free, and so does her current relationship. Kevin Federline has been called many things in the nearly five years since Britney Spears (Federline also has two kids, Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4, with ex- girlfriend Shar Jackson, ) I met her at a club in Hollywood, Joseph's. How did you react in January when Britney locked herself in the bathroom with. But once upon a time, Brit and K-Fed were so in love. Spears met Federline, a former backup dancer for Justin Timberlake who sported I Did It Again" artist hurt her knee onstage, which forced her to cancel two shows. .. a regular guy, with no less than Shar Jackson telling People in January that.

The world was used to seeing her pregnant for the previous two years, but she looked red-hot in a tiny black dress and a blond wig.

Something was up, though. She went right from the Ed Sullivan Theater to nearby Sony Studios, where she faxed her signature to the Los Angeles lawyers handling her divorce. The next day, divorce papers were filed — and Kevin was supposedly blindsided by her decision.

In Canada promoting his new album, he famously found out that he was being dumped via a text message to his BlackBerry. Splash News More 8.

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A wicked custody battle. Their divorce was a vicious one, with the pair immediately fighting over their children, and Britney became the biggest loser. The pop singer took to partying — sometimes with Paris Hilton, sometimes without her undies — and slipped into a downward spiral. When the woman refused, Brit, who may have been trying to evade a drug test, picked up the clippers and did it herself. After she was charged in a hit and run, she was banned from driving with her children but did it anyway.

So by October, a judge temporarily granted Kevin primary custody of their kids.

how did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

Splash News More 9. The drama continued in a big way.

Meet Shar Jackson’s Kids | MadameNoire

In addition to new driving charges, skipping court-ordered drug tests, and refusing to be deposed in her custody battle, one night in January Britney refused to turn over the children to Kevin after a visitation at her home, locking herself in a room with Jayden. Her court-appointed child monitor called police, who claimed she was under the influence of an unnamed substance and forcibly removed Britney from her home.

Her hard-partying ways, which involved cameos from Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohanlead to numerous attempts at rehab, the equally infamous head shaving and umbrella attack instances, the public parting of ways with most of her team, and, eventually, the temporary loss of custody of her children on October 1, As her quest to regain custody rights continued on through the rest of the year, Spears' continued struggles with substance abuse sabotaged her at every turn, culminating in two hospitalizations in January on psychiatric holds, with the court placing her under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet.

With all of her life's decisions in the hands of people looking out for her best interest, Spears began to rehabilitate her image and rebuild her career. He'd just left me and I was devastated," Spears explained later that year in Britney: For the Record, an MTV documentary chronicling her return to the industry as she worked on her new album, Circus.

I was going through a lot, but it was just kind of like me going through a little bit of rebellion, or feeling free, or shedding stuff that had happened, you know? She regained primary custody of her children. She kicked off a trend of pop star Las Vegas residencies with her wildly successful four-year run at Planet Hollywood. She's dating the hunky co-star of one of her most recent music videos.

She's endeared herself to legions of fans for her commendable ability to not just survive such dangerous lows, but thrive in the face of them.

And yet, all these years later, she's still got Federline to contend with. The request kicked off a months-long battle that has only just been resolved. News regarding Spears' team's reaction to the new agreement. Though the war may be over—for now—it stands as a stark reminder that not all troubled pasts can be left behind completely. She may have survived him, but she'll never truly be free. Luckily, she's managed to get herself protected by the sort of security—emotional, mental, and otherwise—that'll at least ensure the damage is as minimal as possible.

It sounds disgusting, but it's so satisfying. Two months later, Spears texted Federline that she wanted a divorce.

Revisiting the drama of Britney and K-Fed's relationship

Britney filed the paperwork on Nov. Their date of separation was listed as the day before she filed. Goodness, what could've gone wrong?! Everybody wants to put their own spin on it. It was so crazy. I look back at it and it's like, at times it was so overwhelming That was at the, like, height of everything and you're thrown into this thing and you're thrown into that thing and the in-between stuff.

how did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

I know it happened. I know why it happened. That's pretty much all that I'm going to say. And then, even more memorably, there were the MTV Video Music Awards that September, when Britney's long-awaited return to performing was ruthlessly deemed a hot mess, minus the hot. News at the time.

Meet Shar Jackson’s Kids

He did everything for her so I guess that's why. When he's doing that, I'm super mom.

how did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

Hopefully we'll get to alternate but we always know the kids are first. That Halloween morning, Spears granted a rare interview to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM, revealing that she and some pals had celebrated the release of Blackout, her first album in several years, at home with cookies and fried chicken.

Asked about the charges that she was a bad mom, she lamented that people were questioning her as a parent, but told Seacrest, "Like I said, people say what they want and do what they do. It's sad how cruel our world can be.

how did shar jackson and kevin federline meet

At the end of the day, you just have to know in your heart that you're doing the best you can. The immediate unexpected moral of the story, as told by headlines anyway, was that Kevin Federline turned out to be the reliable parent. ZumaPress "I was going through so much artificial stuff with my kids and Kevin at the time. I was going through a lot, but it was just kind of like me going through a little bit of rebellion, or feeling free, or shedding stuff that had happened, you know?