Relationship between accounting and engineering

Relationship between accounting/finance and engineering

relationship between accounting and engineering

Covers the financial reporting process and uses of accounting data, linkages between accounting information and management planning, decision making and. With the changing paradigm of the construction industry, and introduction of different contracting models, with the government trying to play more of a regulatory. Accounting has a relationship with other disciplines management, economics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, law, political science, and engineering. a close and effective relationship between Accounting and Computer Science.

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But if you are more interested in going for a job, the opportunities are endless. So, if you are inclined toward computers, you can go for it.

relationship between accounting and engineering

Otherwise, Chemical engineering, Electronics engineering pay well too. Both of these courses require strong math skills and you need to be really good with calculation. Accuracy is the key here. According to the survey conducted by Career Bliss inaccounting and engineering both come in the top 20 happiest jobs in USA.

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So, before you choose anything between accounting and engineering, know that work satisfaction is guaranteed. Accounting vs Engineering — Primary tasks or roles The accountant is always at the edge of his seat. He has to classify, record and maintain the accuracy of the accounting statements.

A company has so many transactions on every day basis. The primary job of an accountant is to note the transactions and do corresponding journal, ledger and trail balance so that finally at the end of the year, these transactions can take place in the company balance sheet and the balance sheet can be tallied.

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Thus, accounting needs accuracy. Even if accounting jobs are called boring and routine, it is far from it. If you do Chartered Accountancy, your job would be more exciting as you would be having a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of taxations, management audit, management accounting, social auditing and advanced accounting.

Do have a look at the Top big four Accounting Firms In the case of engineering, there are mainly six functions which are of prime importance.

This is one of the primary things you need to do for you to invent something new. Using different experimentation techniques, applying inductive reasoning and employing mathematical concepts into your research would yield you greater benefits. In designing a product or any structure like building or bridge, the engineer designs each and every part of the structure or the product. It is first done on paper and then a prototype is being built. An engineer constructs the building or the structure by following the design crafted by him or by his colleague.

Engineers who handle machines, equipment, take care of the overall operation of these machines. He takes care of the procedures and supervises the personnel to see whether every part of the machine or equipment is working properly. Along with taking care of the above functions, an engineer needs to take care of planning, organizing, controlling and leading.

relationship between accounting and engineering

But they are not given to perform any management functions before they get some experience. Accounting vs Engineering — Work-life balance If you become an accountant, you will be to maintain a great work-life balance.

You will generally have 40 hour work-week and will get enough time for your family and to enjoy any hobby you like. If you become CA, your work pressure will increase, but still you will not have 16 hours day every day. Rarely do you need to work 16 hour a day.

relationship between accounting and engineering

If you choose engineering, work-life balance would depend on what specialization you choose. But the job hours are not as much as you would see in case of an investment banker. Thus, as engineer you can maintain good work-life balance throughout. Many times engineers want to make a career in Investment Banking.

What if you go for Chartered Accountancy after you complete your bachelor degree course or along with it? Have a look at the salary of the Chartered Accountant. Now you can see the difference. If you can do your chartered accountancy, you would be able to earn much more than the general accountant. So, you can understand that if you do your engineering in any field, the money is not an issue at all.

As an accountant, you would be paid well with just 40 hours of work.

Relationship between accounting/finance and engineering

Progression is fast in accounting. As you are the center of the business, your growth would be much higher than other professions. As accountant, you can move to many different careers. You can work as an auditor or a tax consultant or you can choose to go for management accounting.

Of course, you need to do specialized course to get more value, but accounting opens the doors for you. To be a top-notch accountant, you need to do certification. We have put in the cons because not everyone is ready to do the certification. And without certification, you can become a general accountant. For this matter, DeLorean approached another great name in automotive industry, this time an Englishman.

Colin Chapman and his esteemed motor company Lotus, were set to address this issue. Chapman promised to get the car into the showroom in 18 months time. However due to Lotus' lack of experience in mass-production and the fact that only 3 engineers were available for the project, this was an epic task to complete.

Unfortunately the initial plan could not be fulfilled so the finished product was based on a modified Lotus Esprit platform. It was named the DMC Putting the design in production started causing problems. Time was running out and DeLorean had to compromise on his original vision. And this was only the beginning. In order to speed up production, parts were sourced from other manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, and Vauxhall.

Power came from a 2. Unit production was scheduled to begin in but because of engineering delays and budget overruns the assembly line started in early The first cars leaving the production line had to be rebuilt due to appalling built quality.

This caused problems to the production time and instead of the initial target of cars only were built of which were sold. But his troubles were far from over. In February DMC was out of money and the automotive pioneer was again in search of investors. This was the beginning of downturns and workers were laid off. The company was in financial meltdown and DeLorean tried everything in order to keep the factory running. In his desperate need to raise money and keep the factory floating John DeLorean even considered the option of drug trafficking.

This raised a conflict between the British government, the FBI, the drug enforcement administration, the US court system, DeLorean himself and his investors. However, two years later he was found not guilty but this incident ruined his career and at the same time his company was closing down.