Relationship between sleep apnea and depression

Depression as a Manifestation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

relationship between sleep apnea and depression

In view of the ambiguity of literature regarding the association between OSA and depression, we conducted this study to show any association between the two. At the American Thoracic Society International Conference, researchers report new findings on the relationship between sleep apnea and. [6] studied participants in the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort, and reported a dose– response association between OSA and depression, suggesting a causal link.

relationship between sleep apnea and depression

All participants gave written informed consent before PSG. All patients underwent overnight PSG for the assessment of sleep disordered breathing by means of a computer-based system. Demographic data, general medical history, clinical information from the initial visit for sleep-related complaints, as well as PSG results for cases, were recorded.

A detailed history of complaints including snoring, witnessed apneas, nocturia, disturbed nocturnal sleep, and morning headaches was taken. PSG recordings were started based on the participant's usual domestic sleeping habits, and each patient was recorded for a minimum of 7 h. Polysomnographic recordings included Recordings of airflow by nasal pressure transducer and oronasal thermocouples, chest and abdominal wall motion by piezo electrodes, oxygen saturation SpO2 by pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram, six electroencephalogram channels, bilateral electrooculograms, and chin and tibialis electromyogram.

Study confirms link between sleep apnea and depression in men

Data were analyzed on a visual basis by an experienced investigator. Recordings were scored visually in 30 s in non-rapid eye movement REM sleep stages 1—4 sleep, and in REM sleep, according to standard criteria.

Daytime sleepiness was measured by the ESS. We defined OSAS categories according to commonly used clinical cutoffs, i.

relationship between sleep apnea and depression

Psychiatric diagnosis It was done using mini international neuropsychiatric interview plus scale. The diagnosis of psychiatric disorder was confirmed by consultant psychiatrist according to the criterion given in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV text revision.

Informed consent written and verbal was obtained from each patient.

  • Study confirms link between sleep apnea and depression in men
  • Depression as a Manifestation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Be Aware of the Link Between Depression and Sleep Apnea

Information sheets and preliminary interviews made it clear that the choice to consent or otherwise would have no bearing on the treatment offered.

The project ensured the anonymity of the subjects by replacing patient names with unique identifying numbers before the statistical procedures began.

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Depression?

Descriptive statistics were used for measuring mean and percentage. Statistical analysis Standard methods of statistical analysis were used for data analysis. After descriptive statistical analysis of the general characteristics of the study participants, Kolmogorov—Smirnov test was used to examine the distribution of variables, and Levene test to study the variability.

Student's t-test was applied to compare mean values of quantitative variables when the distribution was normal, and Mann—Whitney U-test when it was not. For paired samples, Student's t-test for paired samples and McNemar test were used. Mean Sleep latency was significantly more in depression patients Whether treatment is for depression or sleep apnea, the end result will be the same: Gaining a better understanding of the connection between sleep apnea and depression is key to helping our patients get the best care possible.

With proper treatment, we hope to not only provide relief from sleep apnea, but depression as well. Chest, 3 How can one prove clinically that sleep apnea manifested from mental health or vice versa?

What’s the Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Depression?

Through my years of service and diagnose condition I experience symptoms of sleep apnea and report to medicalprofessionals, but I was not warrant a sleep test. How can I prove medically that the symptoms I was experiencing for both medical issue were in fact mental health and sleep apnea? I have been using PAP therapy for nearly 11yrs. I still awaken unrefreshed, occasional headaches; my AHI is 3.

relationship between sleep apnea and depression

My mood improved improved a bit, however, I was recently diagnosed with double-depression and anxiety disorder and was prescribed 40mg Prozac.

It almost feels as if I traded one sack of problems or another. Apnea and depression seem to be hand in hand for me.