Endodontic periodontal relationship quiz

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endodontic periodontal relationship quiz

canal infections, and which information is currently missing to link clinical experience with .. analysis of the root canal content of 8 teeth with chronic apical periodontitis was compared. .. J Am Dent Assoc ; ; quiz ;. Of Conservative And Endodontics - Bhojia Dental College Nalagarh Himachal the surface mucosal defect, the etiology can be either endodontic or periodontal. radiograph [I.O.P.A] showed massive bone loss in relation to endodonticaly . for gingival fenestration closure, Gen Dent, , 49(4); quiz Endodontic and periodontal treatment of dens invaginatus: Report of 2 clinical .. Various etiology hypotheses were formulated in relation to dens invaginatus. .. quiz Google Scholar. M. Baumgart, S. Hänni, B. Suter, M. Schaffner.

Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 8 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Establish a differential diagnosis between endodontic and periodontal disease. Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 9 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Be familiar with major pulpal and periapical pathology and their sign and symptoms. Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 10 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Plan and deliver routine non-surgical endodontic treatment to patients with pulpal and periapical disease.

Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 11 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Select or differentiate cases for treatment or referral based on knowledge, experience and ability. Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 14 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Identify the need for adjunctive procedures subsequent to endodontic therapy.

Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 16 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Recall treated patients, and be aware of the value of post-operative follow-up recalland continuing prognosis.

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Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 18 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Be exposed to trauma cases, emergency cases, endo-perio cases, bleaching and preventive therapy cases. Al-Madi Introduction to Clinical Endodontics 19 Introduction to Clinical Endodontics Exposure to new endodontic technologies; such as apex locators, rotary instrumentation, innovations in irrigation, and contemporary obturation techniques.

Two 2 single rooted teeth: From your own cases, must be restored E. Homework reports Quizzes 1st Sem: Difficulty of case patient factor Number of canals Curvature of the canals Accessibility of the tooth Retreatment case removal of GP Caries control Vital pulp therapy Extra procedure build-up, gingivectomy, etc.

Patient must be booked. This space is necessary to provide a channel for the migration of progenitor cells towards and onto the detoxified root surface hence differentiation of cementoblast, formation of new cementum and periodontal ligament is desired. Pedicle flaps alone, such as the coronally advanced flapfrequently suffer from retraction and muscle pull. Firstly, gingival thickening and root coverage, and secondly, it may act as a biological barrier to prevent epithelial migration, allowing cells with regenerative capacity to repopulate the defect area in a similar fashion to a collagen-based membrane[21].

Compromised results may be obtained in case; autogenous graft collapses into the defect thereby reducing space. The collapse may be prevented by implantation of biomaterial into the defect to support the connective tissue so that it preserves its original position.

Encouraging results were achieved when demineralized bone matrix xeno-graft was added to create a much needed tissue regeneration. It has specific bone stimulatory activity. It is specially prepared from bovine cortical bone samples resulting in non-immunogenic flowable particles of approximately micron size.

It is a bone inductive, sterile, bioabsorbable and moldable bone graft material. Incorporation, encapsulation, resorption, and mixed response is the host response, Incorporation is the ability of the graft to allow for cellular infiltration, neovascularization, and collagen deposition.

Encapsulation occurs, when the graft is surrounded by connective tissue.

endodontic periodontal relationship quiz

Resorption occurs when grafts are replaced by connective tissue at varying rates. A mixed response occurs in grafts perforated to allow for incorporation through the graft openings, combined with encapsulation around the remaining material. The term bone fill is used purposefully instead of new attachment new bone, new cementum, new periodontal ligament and new connective tissue because only histological examination will confirm, whether new attachment has occured or not.

Whereever the gingival biotype is thin or there is a lack of keratinised tissue. The connective tissue graft prevents the flap margin displacement by wound stabilisation, covers the area and limits the risk of post-operative complications by increasing the soft-tissue thickness above the bone substitute.

Treatment of a complicated case particularly when collagen bone grafts are used for base therapy with connective tissue graft use, they help not only new attachment formation but also causes root coverage.

endodontic periodontal relationship quiz

Furthermore, the additions of demineralized xenograft showed a tendency toward improving the percentage of root coverage and reduce the mucosal defect shrinkage, definitely enhancing the periapical regeneration. A new approach to the treatment of true-combined endodontic periodontic lesions by the guided tissue regeneration technique. Interdisciplinary diagnostic approach - I. J Indian Soc Periodontol ; RJ Harris, A comparison of 2 root coverage technique guided tissue regeneration with a bioabsorbable matrix style membrane versus a connective tissue graft combined with a coronally positioned pedicle graft without vertical incisions.

Results of a series of consecutivec cases. J Periodontal ; Effects of tetracycline- containing gel and a mixture of tetracycline and citric acid containing gel on non-surgical periodontal therapy.

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J Periodontol, ; Root dentin morphology after different modes of citric acid and tetracycline HCl conditioning. Clinical effect of tetracycline demineralization and fibrin-fibronectin sealing system application on healing response following flap debridement surgery.

Perio-Endo: A Case Presentation

J Periodontol ; Freeze dried, cross-linked bovine type J. Bunyaratavig, M Labadie, Y. Comparison of two clinical techniques for treatment of gingival recession. Clinical evaluation of free connective tissue grafts used to increase the width of keratinized gingiva. J Clin Perio ; 1: Mucogingival Therapy -- Periodontal Plastic Surgery. Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, 4th Edition. Langer, B; Calagna, L. The subepithelial connective tissue graft. J Prosth Dent ;44 4: Free autogenous connective tissue grafting: J Perio ; The free connective tissue autograft: Langer, B; Langer, L.

The subepithelial connective tissue graft technique for root coverage. J Perio ; 56 Joseph Catanese, Erika P. Heterogeneity of the mechanical properties of demineralized bone. J Biomech ;32 Skin substitutes and alternatives: Adv Skin Wound Care.

endodontic periodontal relationship quiz

Wikesjo UM, Nilveus R.