Relationship lesson learned quotes

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relationship lesson learned quotes

With each lesson I've learned my relationships have grown and most They preached quotes along the lines of “When it's right, love doesn't. Here are 75 relationship quotes gathered from our sister site, Everyday Life Lessons, to help you keep things in perspective and move your. Quotes tagged as "love-lessons" Showing of 18 . tags: love, love-lessons, love-quotes, opportunity-quotes, relationship-quotes, relationships.

If you believe in finding your twin soul and creating a life together — not hope that you will, but believe to the degree that you feel joy and gratitude for it in advance of it happening — you will.

Keep believing, and the Universe will conspire on your behalf. Self-love is the most important kind of love because it determines your capacity to love others.

83 Valuable Quotes About Understanding Others, Life, and Relationships

Show yourself unconditional love and compassion. Especially when these things happen. Remember that an action or failure to act may have been bad, but you are not bad. Actions are separate from you. Be gentle on yourself.

relationship lesson learned quotes

Give to give, not to receive. Think to yourself daily: I am so privileged to have this person in my life and I am going to jump on opportunities to make them smile, laugh and feel fulfilled. People speak different languages of love. Learn how to make your partner feel loved.

Some people like soulful words, some people like being helped out, some people crave touch and affection, some people just want the simplicity of your company. The things that make you feel on-top-of- the-world-running-through-fields-of-sunflowers-in-love might not register to them. Face problems and challenges with a team attitude. Regret is a waste of energy and a misunderstanding of your path in life. Mistakes are inevitable, you have to misstep to learn who you are.

You have so many beautiful blank-page days ahead you can spend any way you like. Learn to let go. Because you have proven to yourself you can get through challenges, and you can rely on yourself.

There is a huge difference between comfortable silence and boredrom. Your partner is going to find out who you are eventually. Or you will live one hell of an inhibited life hiding your soul.

relationship lesson learned quotes

Be wholeheartedly, unapologetically you. Spending time alone is amazing. Get comfortable with your own company. You learn more about yourself and life. Only when you get so close to someone in a serious relationship do your true personalities really come out.

Such personalities don't come out as strongly with friends because you don't spend as much time with them -- and you don't have as much of emotional expectation as you would with a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. This really makes you learn about life in terms of people, mannerisms, personality traits, core values and attitudes towards the world.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is so similar to you, then what you learn about him is like a reflection of yourself that you would normally not realize on your own.

83 Valuable Quotes About Understanding Yourself, Life, Others, Relationships and the Big Reason Why

If your boyfriend or girlfriend and you are so different, then clashes and frustrations also help you learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, preferences and compatibilities. You learn to be a better communicator and be more expressive. Relationships teach you to be more expressive, especially if you normally aren't.

A relationship is made of two people -- we are not mind readers. Unless you're lucky to be dating someone whom you can see eye to eye with on most things, then you can sense what the other person is feeling or thinking.

But even so, there are always things you need to communicate and explain so that the other person understands you better and you both can make it work. A failed relationship teaches you that communication is key to understanding.

relationship lesson learned quotes

And understanding is the key to life. Without communication made clear and correctly understood by both sides, arguments and agitation are likely to occur.

relationship lesson learned quotes

Over and over, this results in one or both parties feeling like they are not being valued, appreciated or cared for -- even though sometimes it's unintentional. You discover the emotional side of yourself.

relationship lesson learned quotes

Being in a relationship and letting someone into your life takes courage and strength. Letting yourself become vulnerable emotionally can make you feel so weak that you become so strong. It's hard to even really discover and understand who we are -- our passion, our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, the way we think and our own beliefs and core values -- let alone discovering the emotional side of ourselves.

When we're in a relationship, we become so vulnerable emotionally that we realise what makes us feel whole, what completes us emotionally and what fulfils our self-esteem and self-confidence from the inside out.

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What kind of love makes you feel loved? Everyone has a different definition and expression for love. And if two people with different definitions and ways of expression for love come together, they can feel unfulfilled because there's always something lost in translation between the two. To some, love equates security. Whatever love means to you, you'd only discover what it is that makes you feel loved from a partner by being in a relationship. And if you're lucky, you only have to go through one.

But for most of us, it takes several relationships to discover one that fits us most perfectly. You learn the value of give and take. Compromising can mean a lot of work especially for people growing up independently. To some, it's second to nature especially if you grow up in a big and close-knit family. There is chemistry -- and there is compatibility. The two don't always come together equally.

If chemistry is higher than compatibility level, then there's a lot of compromise -- from the way you look at the world and understand things, what you believe in, to taste in music, food and lifestyle choices.

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If the compatibility is higher than chemistry, then there's a lack of passion and boredom occurs. In a relationship, you learn the value and the art of give-and-take. We humans are selfish, and it takes willpower to be able to give and take when the level of difference and clash is high.