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the incident movie 2011 ending relationship

Rupert Evans and Marcus Garvey in Asylum Blackout () Rupert Evans in Asylum . In Alexandre Courtès' film The Incident, the setting is Washington where There is a bit of a letdown in a twist implemented near the end of the film . An egomaniacal film star develops a relationship with a young dancer especially in light of an incident with the racist white cop; partnered police Plot Keywords: Although originally released in , the film did not qualify for the following The ensemble cast and various plots blend together and keep your interest. Contagion () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. named Allen ( Jude Law), is talking to an editor, named Lorraine, about the Tokyo bus incident.

Minny improves Celia's dismal cooking skills by teaching her how to make fried chicken on her first day. They bond further when Celia suffers her fourth miscarriage. While Minny helps her into bed and soothes her, Celia is overwrought. She reveals that she married her husband Johnny Mike Vogel because she was pregnant, but quickly lost the baby and hasn't told him about the three failed pregnancies that followed.

She worries that she will never be able to have children. Hilly's new maid, Yule Mae Aunjanue Ellisexplains to her employer that her twin sons have graduated high school and that she and her husband have been saving for years to send them to college. Yule Mae respectfully asks Hilly for a loan, saying that she will gladly work for free until the loan is paid off. Hilly refuses, explaining that it's "the Christian thing" to do because God does not give charity to those who are well and able.

While vacuuming Hilly's living room later, Yule Mae finds a ring, which she pockets and later tries to pawn, hoping to get the tuition money.

Hilly finds out and has Yule Mae arrested at the bus stop in front of the other maids, all of whom are deeply shaken by the event. Aibileen recruits a reluctant Minny into the book project, but Elaine Stein who's warming to the idea insists the book will need at least a dozen voices -- including the story of Skeeter's own relationship with Constantine.

After Yule Mae's arrest, nearly all the local maids volunteer to help with the book. Though she has changed the names of everyone involved, Skeeter remains concerned that people will recognize the maids and create more trouble for the Negro community in the wake of the recent murder of Medgar Evars. Minny insists that they include the story about Hilly and the chocolate pie -- which she refers to as her "terrible awful" -- as insurance against being identified; an embarrassed Hilly will not want anyone to know that she ingested her maid's feces and will do all she can to convince everyone that the book isn't about Jackson.

Hilly has several times directed Skeeter, who writes the Junior League newsletter, to include an item about her proposed "sanitation initiative," but Skeeter keeps putting her off. Now Hilly adds an item about a charity coat drive, the coats for which are to be dropped off at Hilly's house. Skeeter includes both items, but changes "coats" to something else.

The next day Elizabeth gets a call and rushes herself, Mae Mobley, and Aibileen over to Hilly's, where Hilly is screaming, "I told her to write 'coats'! While Hilly continues her histrionics, Mae Mobley innocently sits on a toilet and Elizabeth slaps her till she sobs. Mae Mobley runs to Aibileen, who holds her and whispers, "You is kind.

Charlotte fired Constantine because Constantine's daughter Rachel LaChanze refused to use the back door and embarrassed Charlotte while she was hosting an important DAR luncheon. Charlotte regretted it and tried to get Constantine to come back, going so far as to send her son, Skeeter's brother, to Constantine's new home in Chicago, but by the time he got there, Constantine had died.

Skeeter's book The Help is published anonymously, and soon everyone in Jackson is reading it. True to Minny's prediction, Hilly is horrified to find the chocolate pie story therein and goes out of her way to assure her friends that The Help isn't about Jackson.

Skeeter splits the advance she receives evenly among all the maids, promising that more is on the way. Eva Khatchadourian Tilda Swinton is trying to piece together her life following the "incident". Once a successful travel writer, she is forced to take whatever job comes her way, which of late is as a clerk in a travel agency. She lives a solitary life as people who know about her situation openly shun her, even to the point of violent actions toward her. She, in turn, fosters that solitary life because of the incident, the aftermath of which has turned her into a meek and scared woman.

That incident involved her son Kevin Khatchadourian Ezra Miller as a teenager and Jasper Newell as a 6 year old and Rock Duer as a toddlerwho is now approaching his eighteenth birthday. Eva and Kevin have always had a troubled relationship, even when he was an infant. Whatever troubles he saw, Franklin John C. Mitch knows little of substance. The doctor asks about her Chicago layover, and if Beth knew anyone there. Mitch mentions that his wife was with John Neal before they married. He asks if Neal is infected.

The doctor is resistant but eventually nods. Mitch is stunned that his wife was cheating on him with her former boyfriend. Hextall and Eisenberg give a briefing to Cheever about the virus sample taken from Beth's body. It latches onto the host cell, taking over completely. The body doesn't know what to do and the virus continues to attack. They noticed there are traces of bat and pig in the virus DNA code so it mostly originated from an infected bat.

Understanding the severity of the issue, Cheever orders Sussman to be shut down and their secure lab is the only place where research will be done. Hextall calls Sussman and reluctantly tells him to shut down and destroy his samples. Allen continues to blog about the virus and how the government is conspiring with the drug companies to turn a profit on tragedy.

He claims that a drug is available to treat the virus, but it is being suppressed by the CDC. Orantes goes to Hong Kong. Her job is to track the movements Beth made while there.

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Her liaison is Sun Feng who is ambivalent as Hong Kong being the focal point of the viral outbreak but Orantes concludes it is Beth that started it all. After hearing several workers at a casino got sick where Beth attended, Orantes tells Feng to get tapes of the security footage.

Feng mentions his rural village where he grew up is infected and his mother is sick. Sussman defies orders and runs some further tests on the virus samples. He was able to make a stable cultured version of the virus. He was able to do it by growing it in a particular bat cell line they didn't have.

Now that they know what they are up against, they can start developing and testing vaccines. Cheever is outraged that Sussman defied orders. Realizing he might publish his results, Cheever asks what he wants.

Hextall says he just wants credit for his work. He could have given the work to drug companies and made a fortune but he gave it to the CDC instead. The news report on the virus, now called MEV-1 and crediting Sussman for discovering the findings. The news stresses that government states that it will take potentially months for a full vaccine to be ready. Allen is contacted by a news source. They want him to continue his investigations on MEV-1 and the government's alleged involvement with the problem.

Back in Minnesota, still in quarantine, Mitch asks Mears if he is immune since he has not shown any symptoms and he also asks why they cannot use his blood to make a vaccine. Mears tells him even though his intentions are noble, plasma vaccines are tricky and time consuming to make and are not guaranteed to work.

Mears then travels to an inside stadium where they will place a triage center. Mears tells her liaison she will need three more locations like it. Cheever asks if she is fine. Mitch is at home with Jory when there is a knock at the door. It is a boy Jory likes, Andrew. Andrew has come to pay his respects with flowers for the deaths of Beth and Clark. Mitch says that while he is touched by the gesture, he cannot let him in because he could infect them.

Jory is crushed, but Mitch tells her they have to be very careful. We see security footage of Beth in the Hong Kong casino, enjoying herself with several people. She is playing a casino game when she is asked by a man, the Japanese businessman who died on the bus, to blow on his chip for good luck. DAY 14 Mears wakes up in hotel room coughing. She goes into the bathroom and takes her temperature, praying to God that she is not infected.

But all her symptoms point to it. She calls the front desk and tells them to track down everyone who serviced her room. Mears calls Cheever and tells him she's infected. Cheever says he will do everything he can to get her home, but she should stay in her room for now. They hang up and Cheever is stunned that Mears is infected.

He sent her there, so he feels responsible. Meanwhile, Mitch goes to a funeral home and learns that because his wife and son died due to the virus, the funeral home will not accept the bodies for burial. Mitch is shocked but the funeral director says there is nothing they can do.

Mitch talks to his mother-in-law and discusses cremation but the mother in law wants her family to be buried together. His mother-in-law said Beth made mistakes by cheating but she did love Mitch. He has to forgive her. Jory texts Andrew, telling him how sad her dad is. We see more security footage of Beth in the Hong Kong casino.

She calls John Neal saying she can get an earlier flight so they can meet up. She accidentally leaves her phone at the bar and a woman picks it up and hands it to her. It was the European model that was found dead in London. We see a table where she had sat and had drinks with several people.

A waiter picks up the glasses. It is the young man that later died. That is how Beth infected them both. Orantes realizes that Beth is "Patient Zero" for the entire outbreak. Orantes asks about Feng's mother. Feng says she died. Orantes says she is sorry. They go to leave and Feng makes a call. On the way to their destination, Feng pulls her out of the car into a van at gunpoint. He tells her that his village is dying, and he and his friends are going to hold her for ransom for the vaccine doses when they are first produced.

Orantes sees the remaining villagers. Cheever attempts to get Mears out of Minnesota but hits roadblocks on every turn. The transport he was going to use is being used for a Congressman, as he learns from Haggerty. After that, all air travel is grounded. Haggerty tells Cheever there are plans in place to quarantine Chicago, but he is to tell no one until the government makes it public. The president is being moved underground, and congress is working online.

There is nothing Cheever can do. Meanwhile, Allen is blogging live.

He is apparently sick with the virus. He shows he is taking the homeopathic remedy Forsythia, and dips it into his water and drinks it. He tells his audience that if he is here tomorrow then it worked.

Cheever speaks to his wife Aubrey Sanaa Lathan and tells her how bad he feels Mears is going to die and there is nothing he can do. Cheever then tells her to leave Chicago and not tell a soul where she is going. As he hangs up, he sees that Roger was standing there the whole time.

the incident movie 2011 ending relationship

Roger is disgusted with Cheever noting everyone has loved ones. Aubrey goes shopping for supplies when she is called by her friend whom she was supposed to meet for dinner.

the incident movie 2011 ending relationship

Aubrey reveals the real reason she can't come, urging her to not repeat it to anyone. DAY 18 Around the U. However, demand becomes insatiable and people begin to riot and loot all over the country. Mitch goes for groceries with Jory in a looted store.

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A woman coughs nears him and he tells Jory they need to leave. They get to the car without food. They attempt to leave the state but the National Guard is shutting down the roads. Even though they are not infected, no one is getting through. They are forced to turn around and go back home. Allen has been running around town in a bio suit seeing the destruction and decline of human civilization in the aftermath of the outbreak.

He gets home to see Lorraine there, begging for the medicine he says helps, because she is pregnant. Allen says he has none due to a break-in, but he will get her some as soon as possible. Meanwhile in Minnesota, Dr. Mears is being told she cannot be moved out. She is laying on a cot in a triage center and very close to death. Next to her, a man is complaining of being cold, but the triage center has run out of blankets.